Fruit Tart

Edited version of this: Continue reading “Fruit Tart”


Magali’s Quiche

One of my friends Magali made this quiche for dinner and it was so good that I had to have the recipe. Here is my attempt at replicating her dish: Continue reading “Magali’s Quiche”

Tuna Cucumber Crackers

I made this as a snack, but I ate so much that it became my dinner. Continue reading “Tuna Cucumber Crackers”

Deviled Eggs

Made my own version of the classic deviled eggs recipe, based on the ingredients that were already in my apartment Continue reading “Deviled Eggs”

Egg Foo Young

I fell in love with this dish after tasting it once, so obviously had to try making it for myself. Hope you enjoy my own version of the traditional Chinese Egg Foo Young: Continue reading “Egg Foo Young”

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Tweaked this recipe just a little bit:  Continue reading “Homemade Cinnamon Rolls”

Cheesy Lentil Soup

Tastes somewhat like cheesy popcorn!
Continue reading “Cheesy Lentil Soup”

Taro-Coconut Pearl Dessert

This dessert soup reminds me of home.

Continue reading “Taro-Coconut Pearl Dessert”

Korean Pork Belly

I don’t think the picture captured how tasty this was… Continue reading “Korean Pork Belly”

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